MSP Oversight Program

  • Want to consider a change, but unsure how to go about it?

  • Want to understand if you are getting your money’s worth?

  • Do you know what you’re getting from the MSP relationship?

Solution: What's missing is an active management layer with an experienced IT provider that is on your side, part of your team, aligned with business goals and objectives


When the MSP is hired, there is a great onboarding process, the consultants come up with projects, and then the MSP really starts. This is the maintenace portion. After a while,. this gets routine 

(what) Service offering:

  1. MSP Oversight and Management

    • Audit your existing MSP to ensure contractual obligations are being met.

      • Problems:

        • Problem 1: MSP not so proactive (limited, or slow response, or fast response, slow resolution; fixed costs aren't so fixed; not meeting SLA

        • Problem 2: Most MSP’s are in maintenance mode, collecting monthly fees. They are not proactively encouraging new projects as this reduces profitability.

        • Problem 3: Companies expect their MSPs to be strategists and project managers in addition to security, help desk, and vendor management. They are too busy running maintenance and collecting monthly payments to be too concerned about proactive projects that end up disrupting the maintenance or introducing new technical work processes

      • Solutions:​

      • Help MSP get the most out of the customer: Customer success manager when the MSP cannot keep up with customer demand and theire cust sat ratings are plummeting

      • Solution 2: Use my services to stay aligned with MSP and get the best value out of them.


        Customer Success Manager that is 100% aligned with the client

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