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  • Scott Blumin, IT Consultant

Reduce risk, save money, increase productivity, and go into 2023 with a clear IT strategy.

For 2023, Scott Blumin, principal with Scoja Technology services in San Rafael, recommends preparing a risk management business continuity plan.

“Such plans protect valuable assets including staff, data, customers and the firm’s reputation,” Blumin said. “The key is ensuring that everyone at the business is familiar with the plan and their role(s) in it. IT managers should take time to review the plan with staff at least twice a year.”

Handing that off solely to a vendor or managed service provider, isn’t the only answer because the vendor might be obligated only to do what’s in the agreement.

“Every team needs a strategic IT professional or technology program manager serving as a tech quarterback,” Blumin said. “A person who is aligned with company goals and has technology, security, compliance and business knowledge can ensure that the firm’s infrastructure stays up, on time and within budget, while also offering tech improvement suggestions for senior leadership.”

For example, it is not uncommon to have 30 or more devices connected at home, Blumin said. Those include computers, smartphones, tablet computers, smart devices (for music, video and TV), surveillance cameras and other security-centric devices.

“Without someone on staff who understands a firm’s home and business technology connections and security needs exposes an employer to data and financial loss, identity theft and more,” Blumin said.

For more information on IT Cybersecurity Consulting in San Francisco & Marin IT Services, contact Scoja at 415-373-0550 x800.

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