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IT Relocation


We plan, manage, configure and install everything from single location moves to multi-location installations. We assign a knowledgeable, dedicated team to ensure we meet your schedule and deliver on your expectations.​ 



Our computer relocation management services deliver the confidence that your IT investment will be professionally and accurately reinstalled in your new location(s).



Pre-planning starts well before your move to get you fully operational by the pre-determined move-in timeframe.


Pre-planning starts well before your move to get you fully operational by the pre-determined move-in timeframe.


From wired, digital or computer equipment to server networks, cabling and telecommunication systems, we manage the intricacies involved in the staging and integration of your business technologies.


Whether you have one or multiple locations, Scoja Technology Services installs your technology systems with methodic precision and efficiency to get your business back to business.

Pain point:


  • Not enough resources to properly support the move

  • Inadequate level of move related experience

  • Operating on a condensed timeframe

  • Inadequate staff experience to be able to evaluate, select, and manage technical infrastructure vendors (such as cabling, av, security




  • We can make the moving process smooth resulting in less disruption, better vendor contract pricing, time savings for employees, and keep employees more focused on their core job.



Service Offering:

  • Work with stakeholders, vendors, suppliers, etc. and coordinate the implentation of the technical areas of a project to ensure a successful transtion the the new space

  • Be a resource for business or technical teams to properly communicate technical requirements, address obstacles, make recommendations, brainstorm ideas, etc.

  • Attend OAC meetings



  • Do not let your moving company be your IT company for the move. Work with us to be better prepared to move so that you hit the ground running with minimal delays and increased productivity advantages

  • Your current MSP is good at one thing, maintenance and IT. Problem is customers stretch them with new projects, moves, etc. Get someone that can play well with others and Gets Shit Done.

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