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Industry Solutions - Financial Services

Financial Services

We understand the compliance and regulatory requirements that financial firms face and we bridge that knowledge with leading technology solutions. Family offices, private equity, CPAs, FINRA member companies.  We have a broad base of financial services experience that includes over 15 years of experience working for Broker-Dealers, their registered representatives, business partners, suppliers, and vendors in the United States, Asia, Europe, and Africa.. 

Benefits of Scoja Technology Services include:

  • Complex vendor relationships management

  • IT infrastructure review and audits to assist in meeting compliance obligations

  • Data mobility management and cloud services

  • Enterprise-grade secure backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions

  • Risk mitigation through cybersecurity best practices

  • A proactive approach to risk management

No matter what’s in front of you – data security and privacy, consumer laws compliance, 3rd party risk management, and more – you can stay confident with Scoja Technology Services in your corner.

  • A cyber-attack on your business threatens the data privacy and security of you and your customers. Be aware and prepared with a risk assessment conducted by Scoja Technology Services. We can find the vulnerabilities in your operations and provide a response plan to address and fix them.

  • Adhering to FINRA, GDPR, and other data and privacy regulations is an ongoing administrative and budgetary challenge. We can guide you through a variety of IT solutions to deliver on your operational and cost objectives.

  • ​A third-party provider can be an invaluable asset, but your organization can be held accountable for their actions. It is essential to have oversight processes in place. 

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